Tirrell Group: Jacqueline Deirmenjian

Undergraduate Researcher

Tirrell Group


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    5640 South Ellis Avenue
    Eckhardt Research Laboratory 108
    Chicago, IL 60637

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Jacqueline Deirmenjian is working with Handan Acar on the molecular engineering of the controlled enzyme-stimuli release of the therapeutics from amphiphilic delivery platforms. Her study covers the fundamentals of enzyme-substrate interactions and control of them by using a variety of chemical tools. This controlled release can be used to engineer different platforms for diagnostics and therapeutics.


Jacqueline Deirmenjian is a rising fourth year undergraduate student at the University of Chicago, working towards a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry in 2018. Prior to coming to the University of Chicago, she conducted nanoscience research on molecular self-assembly at the UCLA California NanoSystems Institute, under the mentorship of its director, Paul Weiss, Ph.D. She has also participated in a summer REU program at Northwestern University's International Institute for Nanotechnology, studying pH-Responsive PA Polymer Hybrids, under the direction of Samuel Stupp, Ph.D. She will be working as a research assistant in the Tirrell lab with Handan Acar, studying therapeutic drug delivery with peptide amphiphiles.

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