Student Leadership and Involvement

Building strong leadership skills through engagement with opportunities and initiatives beyond the lab is a cornerstone of the educational experience for all students in the IME. In addition to conducting research with and taking courses from our exceptional faculty, our graduate program provides many opportunities to build the leadership, communication and collaboration skills necessary for becoming a leader in science and technology.

Dean’s Advisory Council

The Dean’s Council consists of both students nominated by their peers, and appointed by the Dean of Students who convene to discuss issues or of concern for IME students not addressed by other bodies such as the University’s Graduate Student Council.

First-Year Representative

The First-Year Representative provides the first-year graduate student perspective to the Dean's Advisory Council and serves as a leader for their cohort on any issues that may arise over the course of the first year.

Graduate Student Council

The GSC is the graduate arm of Student Government. Each graduate division at the University of Chicago is invited to choose at least one graduate student to represent that division on the GSC. The Graduate Council has many roles, including bringing graduate students together from across the divisions, providing financial support for graduate travel, planning events for grad students, and serving as the intermediary between grad students and the university administration. You may read more about the Grad Council here.

Student-Faculty Liaison

At the departmental level, there is a student-faculty liaison who will serve as the main intermediary between students and faculty for administrative and other policies affecting the entire body of IME grad students. The student-faculty liaison may also have the opportunity to attend faculty meetings.

Student Seminar Series

This lecture series provides a vector for IME graduate students and postdocs to preview presentations, improve presentation skills, and obtain feedback from a diverse audience in a low-pressure setting.  Specific examples of individuals who would benefit from this series are those about to present at group meeting or at a conference, as well as students interested in practicing candidacy presentations. Serving as the organizer for these talks is also a great way to build experience with the important tasks of managing a seminar series such as this while providing an important service to your fellow students.

Social Circle

The IME Social Circle plans and coordinates help for social, athletic and cultural events for the students in the division.  The members of the social circle committee (3 co-chairs and 1 treasurer) serve as stewards of the majority of the division's funds collected from the quarterly student life fee.  On behalf of the broader Deans Advisory Council, they collect special requests for funding from the broader IME student body related to events, excursions, intra-mural sports activities, and professional development activities; these requests are then voted on by all student members of the council.  (Any student in the IME may submit a request for funding.  If the request is approved, the student who submitted the proposal is responsible for all communications, arrangements and oversight of the event.)  IME social circle members also work closely with the University Grad Council representative to identify university sources of funding for IME activities.

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