As the Institute for Molecular Engineering continues to grow and plan for emerging academic programs, student researchers have been an important asset from the beginning. Students from all backgrounds and education levels have the opportunity to collaborate with our leading faculty in revolutionary research areas and facilities. Our interdisciplinary nature encourages those from physics, biology, and chemistry to use their expertise to find applications that address pressing real-world issues.

IME began accepting applications to our doctoral program in the Fall of 2013 and matriculated our first class of graduate students in the following Fall. In the Spring of 2015, we added a robust and challenging major to our undergraduate curriculum. This is the first engineering undergraduate program to be implemented at the University of Chicago. Undergraduates are now able to pursue both a minor and a major in Molecular Engineering.  In addition to a rigorous scientific curriculum, all of our academic programs provide design- and project-based learning opportunities, as well as product development and entrepreneurship training.


Rovana Popoff

Senior Associate Dean and Dean of Students


Prof. Juan de Pablo

Director of Graduate Studies


Prof. Paul Nealey

Director of Undergraduate Studies


David Taylor

Associate Dean of Students


Hayley Huffman

Assistant Dean of Students


Tierra Kilpatrick

Student Affairs Coordinator

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