Rowan Group: About Us

  • Stuart at the Scottish Symposium

    Prof. Rowan spoke at the Scottish Symposium hosted by Sir J. Fraser Stoddart at the Northwestern Univ. Chemistry Dept.

  • MLK Day Outreach

    The Rowan group introduced kids of all ages to the world of polymers at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

  • Stuart goes to Stockholm

    Prof. Rowan watched his previous post-doc advisor, Sir Fraser Stoddart, accept the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. See all of Stuart's adventure on Twitter (@StuartJRowan).

The Rowan group is a conglomeration of chemists and engineers who are constantly striving to find new pathways to new materials.  Our work takes place in a variety of areas including cellulose nanocrystals, interlocked molecules, and stimuli-responsive materials. 

We currently consist of 4 postdocoral scholars, 12 graduate students, 7 undergraduates, and one high school student.

  • Looking for the Group?

  • You can find all of the group members in our office in Eckhardt Research Center, Room 108 or in the lab in Room 220. 

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