Visiting Students

The IME welcomes students from other institutions who are invited by our faculty to conduct research with us at both the graduate and undergraduate level.  Students interested in coming to the IME as non-degree visiting students should first take the time to familiarize themselves with our faculty and their particular areas of research. Inquiries should be made directly with the faculty.

After a member of the IME faculty has invited you to join them as a non-degree visiting student, please contact us at to finalize your arrangements through the process outlined below.

For more information on non-degree visitor status at the University of Chicago please refer both to the University of Chicago Student Policy Manual and to the IME specific information and guidelines below.

Non-degree visiting students are assessed tuition and fees, as well as required to carry adequate health insurance.

Graduate Students

Graduate students who have been invited by an IME faculty member to conduct research with them as a visiting student should be prepared to provide the following materials:

  • a CV;
  • the name of the IME faculty member who has invited you; and,
  • a completed IME non-degree visiting student application from (please obtain this form by contacting us at

Undergraduate Students

Non-UChicago undergraduate students interested in research with faculty at IME should review the information on our Undergraduate Research Opportunities page, and be prepared with the following materials:

  • current academic records and transcripts;
  • a personal statement describing your research interests;
  • the name of the IME faculty member who has invited you; and
  • a completed IME non-degree visiting student application from (please obtain this form by contacting us at

Non-UChicago undergraduates may only apply for research positions for the summer term.

High School Students

Exceptional high school students may occasionally be considered for summer research opportunities with faculty at the IME.  Advanced students, such as those who have pursued college level science and math, should follow the same path as outlined above for undergraduate students. Students pursuing research opportunities must be at least 14 years of age, though generally students will be at least juniors or seniors. Also, students under the age of 18 must be accepted to work in a faculty member’s lab no later than the beginning of March in order to ensure that the necessary arrangements to enroll them can be made.

Additional Requirements for International Students

International visitors should also be prepared with the following to qualify for a student visa:

  • a copy of the passport ID page;
  • proof of English language proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS test scores are acceptable, or an examination by interview may also be arranged); and
  • documentation of all financial support for your study at the University of Chicago—see details regarding tuition and fees below.

International visitors should also review the information on the visa process provided by the University’s Office of International Affairs.

Tuition & Fees

Costs for non-degree visiting student status include:

  • tuition;
  • fees including the student life fee which covers access to health and wellness services as well as other on campus services, and the one time transcript fee, and
  • required health insurance (if the student already has adequate coverage to meet the requirement, documentation of that coverage may be submitted instead--international students should also review visa related insurance requirements).

Furthermore, international visitors need to demonstrate access to funds of at least $5,490 per quarter to cover living expenses as part of qualifying for a student visa.

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