The Institute for Molecular Engineering offered its first courses to undergraduate students in the autumn 2014 quarter as part of the liberal arts curriculum in the College.  All students admitted to the College may pursue either a major or a minor program in Molecular Engineering provided that they complete the required course prerequisites.  Both undergraduate Molecular Engineering programs complement the breadth of the UChicago general education requirements and provide students with the opportunity to delve into quantum, biological, chemical, and soft materials engineering.

Overall, students who choose to pursue Molecular Engineering at UChicago will be trained in a new approach to engineering research and education, one that emphasizes the development of solutions to the technological challenges society faces based on molecular-level research.

Undergraduate courses in the IME focus on the approaches and tools that molecular engineers use to develop advanced technologies for solving some of society’s most challenging problems related to cancer bioengineering, water resources, quantum computing and quantum materials, regenerative medicine and other specialties.

The major program in Molecular Engineering will both prepare undergraduates for a wide variety of careers in technology-focused industries and position graduates for further postgraduate study in such fields as science, engineering, medicine, business, or law. The aim is to introduce invention and design, along with inquiry and discovery, as fruitful and complementary intellectual activities.

The minor program in Molecular Engineering is designed for undergraduates majoring in physical or biological science, mathematics, computer science, economics, or related fields. The overall objective of the program is to provide basic engineering tools and ways of thinking to students that augment scientific approaches and problem solving skills.

To see the full listing of undergraduate courses and requirements for the major and the minor, visit our College Catalog Page.


Prof. Paul Nealey
Brady W. Dougan Professor in Molecular Engineering and 

Deputy Director for Education and Governance 

Dr. Mark Stoykovich
Senior Lecturer

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