Value Proposition to Industrial Partners

We are actively forming a group of strategically-aligned industrial partners, and welcome new potential partners to join the conversation. Please contact us with interest.

Value to Industrial Partners

World class research: The University of Chicago is home to world class faculty conducting research (fundamental to commercially-ready) in wide range of disciplines.
One-stop shopping: The IAP will provide coordinated program development and project management across disciplinary and divisional boundaries, giving partners access to more than 90 faculty and 570 graduate students/postdocs.
Efficient interactions: Our staff will facilitate the formation of collaborations, provide workflow management, and streamlined IP negotiations to maximize your time and minimize bureaucratic roadblocks.
Effective partnerships: The IAP aims to cultivate and sustain long term relationships by aligning the strategic interests of IAP partners with the expertise and capabilities of our faculty.
Enhanced talent exchange: The IAP will provide access to broad cross divisional talent through recruiting events and resources, as well as uniquely aligned talent through collaborative research and thematic IAP work groups. 

What are the unique attributes of the IAP?

An untapped resource: Due to a lack of past industrial programs the IAP is harnessing an abundance of intellectual creativity that is largely unencumbered by previous industrial commitments; Our faculty are receptive to new collaborative challenges.
Selective inclusion: Our partners will be carefully selected to develop a partner network based on a “value chain” model that inherently fosters innovation and minimizes conflict of interest.
Flexible structure: The IAP is a green-field program that offers flexibility in terms of program and structure to best fit the needs of our industrial partners.
Receptive focus:  As a targeted growth area, the Institute for Molecular Engineering will look to IAP partners to help shape new research programs.
Progressive approach to IP:  The IAP will take a progressive approach to IP to ensure the efficient formation of projects and mutual benefit of partners.

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