Membership Levels

Affiliate Member


• Assigned IAP liaison that will help you identify, develop and establish strategically aligned collaborations;
• Access to UChicago cutting-edge researchers and students through invitation-only bi-annual research meetings;
• Early access to talent through organized recruiting events and member-only resources;
• Access to resources and user facilities at preferred rates; and
• Option to serve on industrial advisory committee

Supporting Member

In addition to the benefits above, Supporting Members will have access to an enhanced talent program by sponsoring a named fellow or placing a researcher in residence. 


• Sponsorship of a named graduate or postdoctoral fellow in a research area of the sponsor’s choice.  If the sponsor, student and faculty advisor agree, a short term internship at the sponsor’s location may be implemented to enhance the educational experience of the fellow.
• Placement of a researcher-in-residence in an academic laboratory of sponsor’s and faculty’s mutual choice.  IP must negotiated in advance on case-by-case basis.

Collaborating Member

In addition to benefits of being an Affiliate Member, Collaborating Members can develop an in-depth close connection with a specific research program through collaborative research.


• Integration into the fabric of the research team, working closely with faculty, senior research staff, and students with a broad range of technical skills and research capabilities across disciplinary boundaries;
• Opportunity for enhanced talent exchange and mutually agreed upon faculty consulting agreements; and
• Facilitated collaboration development (e.g., streamlined contractual/IP negotiations) and management.

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