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  1. “Mesoscale martensitic transformation in single crystals of topological defects,” Xiao Li, José A. Martínez-González, Juan P. Hernández-Ortiz, Abelardo Ramírez-Hernández, Ye Zhou, Monirosadat Sadati, Rui Zhang, Paul F. Nealey, and Juan J. de Pablo. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 114, 10011–10016, 2017

  2. “Directed self-assembly of liquid crystalline blue-phases into ideal single-crystals ,” Jose A. Martínez-González, Xiao Li, Monirosadat Sadati, Ye Zhou, Rui Zhang, Paul F. Nealey & Juan J. de Pablo. Nature Communications, 8, 2017

  3. “Long-range spin wave mediated control of defect qubits in nanodiamonds,” P. Andrich, C. F. de las Casas, X. Liu, H. L. Bretscher, J. R. Berman, F. J. Heremans, P. F. Nealey, and D. D. Awschalom. npj Quantum Information, 3, 28, 2017

  4. “Directed Self-Assembly of Colloidal Particles onto Nematic Liquid Crystalline Defects Engineered by Chemically Patterned Surfaces,” Xiao Li, Julio C. Armas-Pérez, Juan P. Hernández-Ortiz, Christopher G. Arges, Xiaoying Liu, José A. Martínez-González, Leonidas E. Ocola, Camille Bishop, Helou Xie, Juan J. de Pablo, and Paul F. Nealey . ACS Nano, 11, 6492–6501, 2017

  5. “Controlling Domain Orientation of Liquid Crystalline Block Copolymer in Thin Films Through Tuning Mesogenic Chemical Structures,” Xie, H. L. Li, X. Ren, J. X. Bishop, C. Arges, C. G. Nealey, P. F.. Journal of Polymer Science Part B-Polymer Physics, 55, 532-541, 2017

  6. “Directed Self-Assembly of Polystyrene-b-poly(propylene carbonate) on Chemical Patterns via Thermal Annealing for Next Generation Lithography,” Yang, G. W. Wu, G. P. Chen, X. X. Xiong, S. S. Arges, C. G. Ji, S. X. Nealey, P. F. Lu, X. B. Darensbourg, D. J. Xu, Z. K.. Nano Letters, 17, 1233-1239, 2017

  7. “Quantitative Three-Dimensional Characterization of Block Copolymer Directed Self-Assembly on Combined Chemical and Topographical Prepatterned Templates,” Segal-Peretz, T. Ren, J. X. Xiong, S. S. Khaira, G. Bowen, A. Ocola, L. E. Divan, R. Doxastakis, M. Ferrier, N. J. de Pablo, J. Nealey, P. F.. ACS Nano, 11, 1307-1319, 2017

  8. “Interconnected ionic domains enhance conductivity in microphase separated block copolymer electrolytes,” Arges, C. G. Kambe, Y. Dolejsi, M. Wu, G. P. Segal-Pertz, T. Ren, J. X. Cao, C. Craig, G. S. W. Nealey, P. F.. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5, 5619-5629, 2017

  9. “Directed self-assembly of high-chi block copolymer for nano fabrication of bit patterned media via solvent annealing,” Xiong, S. S. Chapuis, Y. A. Wan, L. Gao, H. Li, X. Ruiz, R. Nealey, P. F.. Nanotechnology, 27, 415601, 2016

  10. “Roadmap on optical metamaterials,” Urbas, A. M. Jacob, Z. Dal Negro, L. Engheta, N. Boardman, A. D. Egan, P. Khanikaev, A. B. Menon, V. Ferrera, M. Kinsey, N. DeVault, C. Kim, J. Shalaev, V. Boltasseva, A. Valentine, J. Pfeiffer, C. Grbic, A. Narimanov, E. Zhu, L. X. Fan, S. H. Alu, A. Poutrina, E. Litchinitser, N. M. Noginov, M. A. MacDonald, K. F. Plum, E. Liu, X. Y. Nealey, P. F. Kagan, C. R. Murray, C. B. Pawlak, D. A. Smolyaninov, I. I. Smolyaninova, V. N. Chanda, D.. Journal of Optics, 18, 093005,

  11. “Directed self-assembly of block copolymer films on atomically-thin graphene chemical patterns,” Chang, TH; Xiong, SS; Jacobberger, RM; Mikael, S; Suh, HS; Liu, CC; Geng, DL; Wang, XD; Arnold, MS; Ma, ZQ; Nealey, PF. Scientific Reports, 6, 31407, 2016

  12. “Directed Self-Assembly of Triblock Copolymer on Chemical Patterns for Sub-10-nm Nanofabrication via Solvent Annealing,” Xiong, SS; Wan, L; Ishida, Y; Chapuis, YA; Craig, GSW; Ruiz, R; Nealey, PF. ACS Nano, 10, 7855–7865, 2016

  13. “Post-directed-self-assembly membrane fabrication for in situ analysis of block copolymer structures,” J Ren, L E Ocola, R Divan, D A Czaplewski, T Segal-Peretz, S Xiong, R J Kline, C G Arges and P F Nealey. Nanotechnology, 27, 435303, 2016

  14. “Quasi-Block Copolymers Based on a General Polymeric Chain Stopper,” Sanguramath, RA; Nealey, PF; Shenhar, R. Chemistry - A European Journal, 22, 10203, 2016

  15. “Hybrid nanostructures of well-organized arrays of colloidal quantum dots and a self-assembled monolayer of gold nanoparticles for enhanced fluorescence,” Liu, XY; McBride, SP; Jaeger, HM; Nealey, PF. Nanotechnology, 27, 285301, 2016

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