Nealey Group: Chun Zhou

Graduate Student

Nealey Group

Start date:

January 2014


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Chun is working on self-assembly of cylinder-forming PS-b-PMMA films. Although perpendicularly oriented PS-b-PMMA cylinders can be obtained by using random copolymer brushes, these cylinders are not perfectly perpendicular to substrates according to simulation results. By Molecular transfer printing (MTP), she fabricates hexagonal chemical patterns without requiring advanced lithography tools by replicating the surface domain patterns of self-assembly of cylinder-forming PS-b-PMMA films. Besides, she is researching whether the replica has less defect structures using X-ray scattering experiments.


Chun received her B.S. degree in chemistry from Nanjing University, China in 2013. She’s now a graduate student at Department of Chemistry, University of Chicago.

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