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  1. “Degradation of II‐VI based blue‐green light emitters,” S. Guha, J.M. DePuydt, M.A. Haase, J. Qiu, H. Cheng. Applied physics letters , 63 (23), 3107, 1993

  2. “Ultraviolet and violet GaN light emitting diodes on silicon,” Guha, N.A. Bojarczuk. Applied Physics Letters , 72 (4), 415, 1998

  3. “Examination of flatband and threshold voltage tuning of HfO2/TiN field effect transistors by dielectric cap layers,” S Guha, V. K. Paruchuri, M. Copel, V. Narayanan, Y.Y. Wang, P.E. Batson, N. A. Bojarczuk, B. Linder and B. Doris. Applied Physics Letters , 90 (9), 2902, 2007

  4. “Atomic beam deposition of lanthanum-and yttrium-based oxide thin films for gate dielectrics,” S. Guha, E. Cartier, M.A. Gribelyuk, N.A. Bojarczuk, M.C. Copel. Applied Physics Letters , 77 (17), 2710, 2000

  5. “Oxygen vacancies in high dielectric constant oxide-semiconductor films,” S. Guha, V Narayanan. Physical review letters, 98 (19), 196101, 2007

  6. “High-κ/metal gate science and technology,” S. Guha, V. Narayanan. Annual Review of Materials Research , 39, 181, 2009

  7. “Gate oxides beyond SiO2,” D. G. Schlom, S. Guha, S. Datta. MRS bulletin , 33 (11), 1017, 2008

  8. “Characteristics of vapor–liquid–solid grown silicon nanowire solar cells,” O. Gunawan, S. Guha. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells , 93 (8), 1388, 2009

  9. “The path towards a high-performance solution-processed kesterite solar cell,” D.B. Mitzi, O. Gunawan, T.K. Todorov, K. Wang, S. Guha. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells , 95 (6), 1421, 2011

  10. “Cu2ZnSnSe4 Thin‐Film Solar Cells by Thermal Co‐evaporation with 11.6% Efficiency and Improved Minority Carrier Diffusion Length,” Y. S. Lee, T. Gershon, O. Gunawan, T. K. Todorov, T. Gokmen, Y. Virgus, S. Guha. Adv. Energy Mater, 5, 1401372, 2015

  11. “Perovskite-kesterite monolithic tandem solar cells with high open-circuit voltage,” T. Todorov, T. Gershon, O. Gunawan, C. Sturdevant, S. Guha. Appl. Phys. Lett., 105, 173902, 2014

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