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Professor Supratik Guha testifies at the Subcommittee on Research & Technology and Subcommittee on Energy Hearing  on American Leadership in Quantum Technology at Washington, DC.

Supratik Guha, Argonne Employee Spotlights

Commentary on the 50th. anniversary of Moore’s Law in Fortune Magazine, April 19, 2015, Fortune Magazine

Article on Graphene, Annals of Innovation, by John Colapinto, Dec 22, 2014 New Yorker

Will Moore's Law fail in the next 20 years? Nov 01, 2014,  The Guardian

Graphene developers edge towards commercial breakthrough, Sep 08, 2014, Financial Times

Hardware technologies for computers, Jul 09, 2014, PC World

When silicon leaves the valley, Mar 08, 2014, The Economist

Researchers Build a Working Carbon Nanotube Computer, Sept 25, 2013, New York Times

Wonder Material Ignites Scientific Gold Rush, Aug 24, 2013, Wall Street Journal

Carbon nanotubes could mean smaller microchips, aired Oct 29, 2012, NPR Marketplace interview

Guest Article: Guha guest essay on carbon electronics, web edition May 2012, Forbes Magazine

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