2016 Annual Report Illustrates IME’s Advances

The 2016 Annual Report of the Institute for Molecular Engineering has just been released and can be downloaded here.

The new report highlights the emerging coherence of IME over the last year, with the IME's impact being strongly felt across the local, state, national, and global levels.

15 IME Faculty
92 PhD students
184 Undergraduates enrolled in IME courses
48 percent of total grant funding from non-federal sources
13 Invention disclosures filed in preparation for patent filing

A major milestone of IME in 2016 was the strengthening of the Water Research Initiative (WRI). With newly appointed WRI Director, Crown Family Professor James Skinner, at the helm, the WRI is now positioned to significantly expand and broaden its research scope to contribute to the idea that clean water is, fundamentally, a global human right.

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