Event: Harper Lecture in Washington D.C.: Supratik Guha


November 9, 2017
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Mayflower Hotel, Washington D.C.


Speaker: Supratik Guha

Title: "Algorithms and the Environment: Cyberphysical Sensing Networks for Water, Soil, and Agriculture"

How can sensors and cloud-based computing help us to coordinate agricultural and conservation practices in real time? Drawing upon advancements in nanomaterials, wireless networks, and data science, researchers are developing cyberphysical sensor networks—algorithmically controlled systems that respond to environmental conditions—to address just this question. Join Supratik Guha, from UChicago’s Institute for Molecular Engineering to learn about the promises and challenges of this work, including the need for cheap, reliable, and scalable technologies. 

Guha will discuss three projects at different stages of development: a pilot experiment fine-tuning the water delivery system for a major winery’s vineyards (a collaboration between E. & J. Gallo Wineries and IBM); a project mapping water quality over space and time in India’s 900-mile Godavari River; and UChicago’s Thoreau system, the first university-based, fully subterranean system for sensing soil conditions.

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