Esser-Kahn Group: Jorge Ayarza

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Polymeric materials, biomaterials


I was born and raised in the great city of Lima, Peru. Being exposed to natural sciences since my early days in high school and driven by an innate curiosity to know more about the world, I decided to pursue a B.S. in chemistry at Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru. I enjoyed my time in undergrad taking lots of interesting classes, doing laboratory work, but also hanging out with my friends and family, and eating tasty Peruvian food! For my undergrad thesis, I worked with Prof. Javier Nakamatsu in studying biopolymers, namely polysaccharides extracted from seaweed and mollusks. Motivated by the excitement of research in chemistry, I took the big decision of pursuing a PhD in the USA. Now, at the Esser-Kahn group at IME, I hope to develop new skills and discover new exciting ways to fabricate and use polymeric materials.


Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru; Lima, Peru; 2014

Prof. Javier Nakamatsu

Scientific Hero

Richard Feynman


What is life? A frenzy.

What is life? An illusion,

a shadow, a fiction,

and the greatest good is mean,

for all life is a dream,

and dreams themselves are only dreams.

                          -Segismundo, Life is a Dream

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