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Organic photovoltaics offer a promising low-cost alternative to silicon based solar cells.  Currently, low efficiency and lifespan make them commercially infeasible.  Daniel is building simulations to optimize the structure of the light absorbing layer in these devices to improve efficiency.   This layer consists of an interwoven network of two components: an electron donor and an electron acceptor.  The key challenge is to maximize interfacial area between these components while ensuring that there are unbroken paths along which electrons can travel to and from the anode and cathode in the device.  Daniel uses electronic structure calculations along with molecular dynamics to simulate these complex materials.


Daniel grew up near Portland, Oregon.  He earned his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Oregon State University in 2013.  He joined the de Pablo group that year, where he works in modeling glassy materials.  He enjoys running, biking, climbing, programming, and reading.

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