2015 Annual Report

The 2015 Annual Report of the Institute for Molecular Engineering has just been released and can be downloaded here.

The new report highlights the rapid growth and development of IME over the last year, with the IME's vision clearly beginning to take shape.

14 IME Faculty
72 PhD students
100,000 Sq. Ft. of Assignable Laboratory and Office Space
36 new grant awards
125+ new publications
1 New Degree Offering (BS in Molecular Engineering)

A fundamental milestone of IME in 2015 was the launch of the molecular engineering undergraduate major, which is the first engineering degree ever to be offered to undergraduate students at the University of Chicago. "We are pioneers in engineering research and education, with the history and credentials of The University of Chicago supporting us. Our distinctive approach is attracting favorable attention from partners and competitors alike," said IME Pritzker Director and Dean, Matthew Tirrell.

2014 Annual Report

The 2014 Annual Report of the Institute for Molecular Engineering has been released and can be downloaded here.

Continuing the tradition of vibrant colors and stunning artworks, the new report showcases the impressive progress made on many fronts at IME over the last year.

2 additional endowed chairs for professors in tissue engineering and water research
2 new senior faculty members and our first assistant professor
Matriculation of the first class of Ph.D. students
$10 million of new research funding
12 new IME fellows
64 new publications
Award of the first Ph.D. in Molecular Engineering

The spectacular growth in people and infrastructure has been accompanied by the start of the program delivery including the course offering in molecular engineering, the launch of minor in Molecular Engineering and highly acclaimed IME First Thursday Distinguished Colloquium.

“After successfully getting off the ground,” said Pritzker Director Matthew Tirrell, “IME is now at a point ready to deliver the impactful research and innovative education programs while continue to pursue top talents and extend our collaborations with other institutions as well as industries.”

2013 Annual Report

The 2013 Annual Report of the Institute for Molecular Engineering has been released and can be downloaded here.

A colorful chronicle of the year’s highlights, the report underscores the many advances made by IME in the last year: 

4 new senior faculty members
20 new IME fellows
1 new PhD program in molecular engineering
1 new undergraduate minor in molecular engineering
1 new Water Research Initiative established as a partnership among the University of Chicago, Israel’s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and Argonne National Laboratory
1 new office in the Chicago Innovation Exchange on 53rd Street
1 new research facility in the Energy Sciences Building at Argonne National Laboratory

Illustrated with the spectacular artwork of molecular structures produced by Peter Allen, the report celebrates IME’s progress and articulates its vision to transform research and education, solve major technological problems of global significance, and inspire creative applications of molecular-level science.

Inaugural Annual Report

The Institute for Molecular Engineering issued its inaugural report detailing the period between July 2011 and December 2012. The report highlights the vision for the institute from the leadership of both the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory. It provides an overview of the institute’s progress in building a world-class faculty, developing cutting-edge research programs, establishing important partnerships, and planning state-of-art facilities.

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