IME Engineers Participate in STEM Education Outreach to Middle School Female Students

On March 24, four women researchers, Eunji Chung, Sarah Perry, Lorraine Leon and Emily Wonder, conducted hands-on workshops at the Kersten Physics Teaching Center for more than 30 middle school female students as a part of the Expanding Your Horizon (EYH) outreach program. The workshops, focused on biologically inspired and biocompatible materials, were extremely well received by the participants. The objectives of this program are to introduce middle school students to engineering science, to encourage them to consider this discipline as a tangible and feasible career path and to provide inspiration by real life role models through sharing the experience of the women engineers who were present. "Overall, it was a great success," commented by Eunji Chung, a postdoc scholar who works in the Tirrell lab, "The students were incredibly bright and receptive to our workshop. We would like to participate next year as well."

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