Awschalom Group Featured on NPR for Golden Mole Award

Update (3/1/16):

The Awschalom Group made it to the final 5 nominees for NPR's Golden Mole Award! Unfortunately, they didn't win the top prize, but NPR did feature them in a special video, along with the 4 other nominees. Go to 1:29 in the video to view the segment on the Awschalom's Group incredible discovery!

Golden Mole Award Features Awschalom Group

From 300 submissions for the Golden Mole Award, National Public Radio (NPR) has narrowed down the large group to a shortlist of 10 nominees, where  the Awschalom Group is currently the No. 2 nominee!

The Golden Mole Award celebrates surprising and unexpected discoveries in science and engineering: last year, Professor David Awschalom and his graduate students, Andrew Yeats and Peter Minutun, had a lightbulb moment where they discovered an entirely new way to draw and erase quantum mechanical circuits - all because of the newly installed fluorescent lights in their lab.

Congratulations to the Awschalom Group for this honor! Read more about their work and about the other Golden Mole Award nominees here.

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