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  1. “Polyelectrolyte Complexation,” S. Srivastava and M. Tirrell. Advances in Chemical Physics, 161, 499-544, 2016

  2. “Modular Peptide Amphiphile Micelles Improving an Antibody-Mediated Immune Response to Group A Streptococcus,” J. C. Barrett, B. D. Ulery, A. Trent, S. Liang, N. A. David, and M. Tirrell. ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, 2016

  3. “Structure of polyelectrolyte brushes in the presence of multivalent counterions,” J.Yu, J. Mao, G.C. Yuan, S, Satija, Z. Jiang, W. Chen, and M. Tirrell. Macromolecules, 49, 5609-5617, 2016

  4. “The effect of multivalent counterions on the structure of highly dense poly styrene sulfonate brushes,” J. Yu, J. Mao, G.C. Yuan, S. Satija, W. Chen and M. Tirrell. Polymer, 98, 448-453, 2016

  5. “Bridging contributions to polyelectrolyte brush collapse in multivalent salt solutions,” B.K. Brettmann, P. Hoffman, P. Pincus and M. Tirrell. J. Polymer Sci., Part A, Polymer Chemistry, 54, 184-291, 2016

  6. “Self-Assembly of α-Helical Polypeptides Driven by Complex Coacervation,” D. Priftis, L. Leon, Z.Y. Song, S.L. Perry, K.O. Margossian, A. Tropnikova, J.J. Cheng and M. Tirrell. Angewandte Chemie Intl Edition, 54, 11128-11132, 2015

  7. “Reversible Adhesion with Polyelectrolyte Brushes Tailored via the Uptake and Release of Trivalent Lanthanum Ions,” R. Farina, N. Laugel, J. Yu, and M. Tirrell. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 119, 14805-14814, 2015

  8. “Biocompatibility and Characterization of a Peptide Amphiphile Hydrogel for Applications in Peripheral Nerve Regeneration,” K. Black, B. Lin, E. Wonder, S. Desai, E. J. Chung, B. Ulery, R. Katari, and M. Tirrell. Tissue Engineering A, 21, 1333-1342, 2015

  9. “Peptide Amphiphile Micelles Self-Adjuvant Group A Streptococcal Vaccination,” A. Trent, B. Ulery, M. Black, J. Barrett, S. Liang, Y. Kostenko, N. David, and M. Tirrell. AAPS Journal, 17, 380-388, 2015

  10. “ A molecular view of the role of chirality in charge-driven polypeptide complexation,” K. Q. Hoffmann, S. L. Perry, L. Leon, D. Priftis, M. Tirrell, and J. J. de Pablo. Soft Matter, 11, 1525-1538, 2015

  11. “In vivo biodistribution and clearance of peptide amphiphile micelles,” E. J. Chung, L. Mlinar, M. Sugimoto, K. Nord, B. Roman and M. Tirrell. Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology Biology and Medicine, 11, 479-487, 2015

  12. “Recent Advances in Targeted, Self-Assembling Nanoparticles to Address Vascular Damage Due to Atherosclerosis,” E. J. Chung and M. Tirrell. Advanced Healthcare Materials, 4, 2408–2422, 2015

  13. “Cardiovascular disease: monocyte-targeting supramolecular micellar assemblies: a molecular diagnostic tool for atherosclerosis,” E. J. Chung, L. Mlinar, K. Nord, M. Sugimoto, E. Wonder, F. Alenghat, Y. Fang, and M. Tirrell. Advanced Healthcare Materials, 4, 324, 2015

  14. “Chirality-selected phase behaviour in ionic polypeptide complexes,” S. L. Perry, L. Leon, K. Q. Hoffmann, M. J. Kade, D. Priftis, K. A. Black, D. Wong, R. A. Klein, C. F. Pierce III, K. O. Margossian, J. K. Whitmer, J. Qin, J. J. de Pablo, and M. Tirrell. Nature Communications, 6, 6052, 2015

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